As of 1 January 2018

Ongoing Paid Assignments
For the Women of Perfection Network of Websites.

Digital images, behind the scenes video, and intro live streaming(Non-revealing).

Full Commercial/Publishing All Media Talent Release

These assignments are for young women looking to use their physical beauty for extra income.

Sessions offered.

Desired Nudes: Jewelry Only Series(Full Revealing Nude) Up to 1 hour* $100 flat rate**

Desired Seductions: Single Chair Series(Full Revealing Nude) Up to 1 hour* $100 flat rate**

Eternal Seductions: Bodyscape Series(Full Revealing Nude) Up to 1 hour* $100 flat rate**

Sessions can be a selection of one, a combo of two or all three listed above.

($25 Bonus paid to girls without tattoos what-so-ever.)

($20 Bonus paid to girls with natural C cup sized breast or larger)

($15 Bonus paid to girls with no chemical, surgical, plastic or medical body/face enhancements.)

* an estimated time frame, generally less than planned for

**Flat rates may be increased based on talent, skill and market demand.

To be actually considered for these assignments, you must be within these parameters:

* This is for an 18 and over attractive natural looking female, between 4'11" and 5'7" under 127lbs.

* Curvy, physically fit, toned body, (Caucasian, Asian, Latina, Pacific Islander or mix of any of the mentioned) looking female desired.
(Not looking for Goth or overly pierced types for these particular assignments.)

* B cup or larger, ideally a natural C cup breast size. Bonus paid to girls with natural C size or larger.

* Must be totally comfortable with full revealing nudity.

* No tattoos preferred (very, very small ones, must be able to conceal). Bonus paid to girls without tattoos.

* Must have great skin complexion (very minimal stretch marks, no major blemishes, bruising or active acne to be seriously considered).

* Have a curvy rear end, NO tan lines or surgically enhanced preferred.

* Must have a young angelic face, not older than age 28 looking.

* Long hair is a plus, but you should have your hair styled back or up for these assignments.

* French white tip pedicure and manicure is expected for the assignments, or a matching color/design on both hands and feet.

If you meet these requirements, and have actual modeling experience, then that is a plus. However, if you have a really great body and pretty face, and know enough English to take directions, then feel free to submit, we'll work with beginners as well.

Also note that you will be responsible for doing your own hair and make-up and must be camera ready prior to the start time of the scheduled shoot.

Makeup requested: Natural Base Glamour(A light party look), with emphasis on the eyes and lips, but not overly done.

Submit to
with jpeg images or link to on-line portfolio to be considered.
When submitting, please notate which assignment in the subject heading you are submitting for.

Please include a way to contact you other than e-mail when submitting.

Please provide your Paypal e-mail information(recommended) for session payment.

Must bring a valid government issued pictured ID and sign a full commercial release and fill out an IRS W-9 form for payment.

(Failure to do so will result in termination of the assignment and pay)

Submission Acceptance and Acknowledgment for being hired:

If we like your look and can be convinced that the images and videos of you will sell on the Women of Perfection network of sites, then you will be hired. Prove to us that your physical beauty and personality talents that gets captured will sell and earn at least 3 to 5 dollars for every dollar we pay you. Earn us more than that, and you'll be hired over and over again, until you don't.

Understand though, you clearly will be working for us and taking our posing instructions and general directions, as per hiring acceptance of selected assignment. Once you have been paid, understand that we own all the images and videos of you that is capture and reserve all rights to them. You cannot use the images or videos, unless we ask you to in the performance of advertising and promoting the Women of Perfection sites.
So yeah, it's like that.
Respect though, and we are flattered that you would even consider being in front of our cameras.

We hope this clears things up for those making inquiries on what is expected.

Shoots will be in the city of Newport Beach, CA

Snacks and drinks provided during the shoot event.



Starting General Pay Rates:
(General All Media Full Release)
$50(Full Implied Nude: No clothes worn)
$60(Full Revealing Topless)
$80(Full Revealing Nude)
$100(Explicit Adult Nude)
These rates are hourly and are base(starting) pay. Hourly wages are increased based on talent, skill and market demand.

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